I’m an extremist. Especially when it comes to observing. It’s like looking at the world through a monocle. I hope you enjoy my little monocle moments. 

Paradoxical Thoughts

By James Monocle

I’m a coward for choosing success,
I’m a coward for choosing happiness.
I want happiness not suffering,
The craving is the hurt. 

You can’t hear silence,
You’re too important.
Every thought is gold,
You are the universe. 

But you’re born alone,
And alone you shall die. 
Oblivion is inevitable,
But you still try. 

We live by the grace of death,
Without it there’s no breath.
Complain it’s not fair,
But no one really cares.

Shy, oh my, please don’t cry,
We will all have to get by.

The Weird Thing About Weird Things

By James Monocle

I may have stolen this title from “the hard thing about hard things” (which I haven’t even read), but just hear me out, okay? I should probably start by saying that after reading this article you will start feeling very weird about the word weird. It’s that weird feeling you get when you keep repeating a word over and over again until it you are not entirely sure of what it means anymore. That’s what I have after writing this anyways. 

When you speak your “mother tongue”, did you ever stop to wonder how you understand things? You probably ‘feel’ your language. That’s why certain words can be “trigger words”, they make you feel a certain way. We learn through association which boils down to the feeling we have. That’s why, despite the fact that green means green to most people in the sense that they can point to it, it may not actually mean the same thing. When repeating a word over and over and over and over again, you tend to lose this feeling that goes with the meaning of the word, and that’s kinda weird. Sorry.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Something weird is supposed to be weird. This sounds more like “is supposed to be a negative experience”. Here comes the weird thing about weird things. It’s not necessarily negative. It’s more like the moment you suddenly jump in cold water. That’s the Dutch equivalent of saying that you instantly become self aware. It is weird to think that becoming self aware in a weird situation is anything bút weird, right? However, the moment it happens, I always have to chuckle (not out loud though, that’d be creepy). Those moments really do make me feel like I’m in a comedy scene. It’s funny. This is not an invitation to make me feel awkward in front of my friends, Mom.

Apart from the fact that I feel too self aware writing this, why would anyone care about this? It’s gives me mental freedom. Dealing with weird moments is like a superpower. Especially when you’re dealing with people. I found that being okay with weirdness, makes people feel at ease around you. Something worth thinking about. 

Conclusion: cherish the weird moments in your life. Recognizing their weirdness might free you from the negative annotations. 



Monocle Moments Introduction

By James Monocle

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Ok, maybe I don’t. I couldn’t think of a way to start my blog in a more interesting way. It’s like when people take selfies, they make weird (duck) faces because they are afraid to use their own normal face. This is most likely why people in vlogs act like crazy people, and why people only post fun things on social media. I am not asking you to start posting all their pains on social media, please don’t.

Back to the point. I need to write a blog. Need? don’t you mean “want”? No. Firstly, because I will try to write what I actually mean here. Furthermore, a blog is not something to be taken lightly, and I owe it to myself to at least leave something behind, and I am just not ready for kids yet.

this is the point where I should really introduce myself. I call myself James Monocle. It’s really a pseudoname. The Monocle is important because my family always called me a Mr “Know-It-All”. This may be because I start half of my sentences with “according to this research I read about (…)”. I apologize to everyone who has to put up with me. Monocle is also something ancient business men wore. When I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was always “Rich, Rich, Rich!”. I am a very noble man indeed (can people detect my sarcasm on paper?). In my Monocle Moments blog I will write about the observations I make on a daily basis. You will like my blog if you enjoy hearing the opinion of a seemingly overconfident 22 year old that is very serious about life despite the soft touch of sarcasm you have most likely already sensed.

So there you have it, James Monocle. I promise you, however, not be a Mr “Know-It-All” and I will make sure to stay humble and admit mistakes I will inevitably make. However, I will try my very best not to please everyone. “There’s the rational (wo)man who make their views fit the views of the world, and there’s the irrational (wo)man who tries to make world’s views to his”.

The rest you will find out along the way.

Salute Distincti,

James Monocle